What is June 8 Little Rock?

June 8 Little Rock is a rally for religious liberty. This will be the second nationwide rally. On March 23rd the first rallies drew over 63,000 participants in 143 cities across the country. Little Rock was not one of them. This is an opportunity for Arkansans to join with the rest of America in standing up for religious liberty. Click here to learn more about the national effort.

When is the Rally?

The rally is at noon on Friday, June 8, on the front steps of the Capitol Building in downtown Little Rock.

What Will We Be Doing?

Several guest speakers will be speaking on the importance of religious liberty and what we as Arkansans can do to protect it.

Who is Invited?

Any and all Arkansans concerned about the recent encroachments on religious liberties by the federal government.

Can I Bring a Guest?

Yes. You are welcome to bring as many guests as you like. When you register for the event, you can enter the number of guests who will attend with you. This way we will have a rough idea of how many people to expect at the rally.

Can I Contact You with Questions?

If you have questions, you can talk to Jerry Cox at Family Council in Little Rock. His office number is (501) 375-7000. Jerry is one of the individuals assisting with the rally. You can also email info@june8littlerock.com.

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